Ford Explorer – Reinvented


I really loved my time with the Explorer - didn't have time for dune bashing with it but I get to do that with my Fortuner anyway

After listening to my story on the reasons why I drive a Fortuner (cos of that famous space between the boot and the back seat that perfectly accommodates a shoe rack), big Brother decided to give me a top of the range reinvented Ford Explorer for a week to see if it fits a diva’s needs.

What he didn’t tell me is that this reinvented sport utility vehicle offers an unmatched combination of convenience, capability and technology which I loved not to mention the V6 engine, the clean, modern exterior design, flexible interior with clever storage solutions, three rows of flexible seating and room for my on the move 65 pairs of shoes and boots. Basically I plucked my rack from the Fortuner and dumped it into the Explorer….although it wasn’t a perfect fit, it still held up for the 7 days without getting the shoes all over the boot area.

I particularly liked the Explorer’s EPAS system that gives assistance based on speed, turn-in and direction….the optimized steering feel plus optimum manoeuvrability in parking situations was awesome. The optional active park assist technology scans for a suitable spot, calculates the trajectory and steers the vehicle…diva likes.

Also new for me was Ford’s terrain management system. Rather than using four-high, four-low and auto settings, Explorer terrain management is selectable by situation. The settings on the shift-on-the-fly include normal, mud and sand. Terrain management also includes Hill Descent Control, which provides engine braking to increase driver confidence and control when descending a steep incline…my sand dune adventures have led me to loads of trouble before so this feature is super welcome.

Overall I had loads of fun with the Explorer…took a couple of colleagues in it for a spin as well. My daughter thought it was huge and like me, enjoyed the extra space the car provided. Diva approves!

Super spacious for all of diva's clothes, shoes, magazines, beach stuff and like!

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