Corvette to go Electric!

The longest running nameplate of any car on the road today is undergoing one of its most fundamental transformations ever: electrification.

In addition to the new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and other future gas-powered variants, Chevrolet will soon offer two new Corvette variants, an electrified and a fully electric, Ultium-based Corvette. More details and market availability will be revealed at a later date, but the electrified Corvette is expected in the US as early as 2023.

While details are yet to be announced, performance aficionados already know that these vehicles will be extraordinary. Every new Corvette has been better than the one before it and these vehicles will be no exception. The Corvette engineering team, who are based in the EV space in Warren, Michigan will continue to focus on all the things that have made, and will continue to make, Corvette, revolutionary.

In addition, GM also announced Ultium Platform’s energy recovery system, a patented onboard system that takes the heat generated by EV batteries and uses it to warm the cabin, create more efficient charging conditions, and even increase vehicle acceleration. And it can boost the vehicle’s range by about 10%.

It’s a perfect example of how developing a ground-up EV platform like Ultium enables unique features not easily done with a retrofit.

More details on the electrified Corvette and the all-electric Corvette will be announced soon.  To view exciting teaser footage, check out Chevrolet’s YouTube channel.

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