Stylish and Efficient Bentley GT V8

Bentley Continental GT V8 - 1.jpg

By Shereen Shabnam

Driving the Bentley GT V8 with the contemporary design updates and new exquisite features is a delight. Especially attractive is the model’s uncompromised luxury, performance and ultimate comfort that made the drives on Dubai’s Beach Road and the Emaar Boulevard much more interesting.

The Bentley Continental GT is refreshed with a complement of new exterior design features, aimed at sharpening the on-road presence of the iconic Grand Tourer. A revised front bumper has been introduced with a new vent, complete with a graceful metallic “B” adornment, which serves to emphasise and enhance the renowned Bentley “power line” that flows rearwards from the front arches.

The revisions to the exterior aesthetic are completed with the addition of new wheels. Enhancing the GT’s iconic silhouette further, three new paint colours are available: Marlin (a rich metallic blue), Camel (a soft golden tone) and Jetstream (a light, bright metallic blue).

The visual upgrades continue inside the luxury cabin of the Continental range. A new and contemporary straight-fluting pattern adorns the four generous seats. Driver controls are all-new, with an optional, more ergonomic and sports-orientated steering wheel and larger gear-shift paddles.

The driver’s instrument panel receives new dials and graphics for a refreshed, more contemporary look, and the beauty of the new interior is now illuminated by LEDs. A new hidden storage compartment is fitted between the rear seats, capable of accommodating and charging electronic devices including iPads. On-board WiFi, providing connectivity to all handheld devices in the car is also now available across the Continental family.

The car has ample space in the back to fit a teenager with her school bags, guitar, gym bag and all the paraphernalia teenagers seem to carry to school these days for their extra curricular activities. The car fits in with the needs of a speed junkie, an executive out to impress a new client and for a small one or two child family with parents who like to do school runs in style.

For me, the biggest draw was how perfect the car was as it took me from the door of the Armani Hotel, to the Royal Palace and still allowed me to enjoy the thrill of high speed in the desert highway in between retail therapy, school runs and interviews with people who can afford a Bentley and realised how cool the car would be for their next indulgent purchase.

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