The Ultimate Guide for Auto Emergencies and Quick Fixes

I love getting car talk from Carmudi and this What to Do In Case Of…list is practical and awesome.

Have you ever been in a situation when you are on your way to an important meeting, an interview or to a dinner date but you have a flat tire? Or when you had to go to an important appointment and the weather is just awful for anyone to drive?

Fret no more as Carmudi, the fastest way to buy and sell cars online, has made a guide for your car emergencies and quick fixes to help you for your future trips!

Dead battery: Jump start your car using these simple steps

Connect the positive cables to the positive terminal on the “rescue” car’s battery and the other end to the “dead” car. Then you connect the negative cables to the negative terminal of the “rescue” car and connect the other end to a grounded part of the dead car’s engine. Start the “rescue” car and let the engine run for about 5 to 10 minutes to allow the “dead” car’s battery to recharge. Keep the “rescue” car running and try to start your “dead” car. Once you have managed to get your “dead” car up and running, leave it to run for 5 to 10 minutes to allow the alternator to recharge the battery.

Changing a flat tire: Yes, you can do it alone!

Having a flat tire can often frustrate you and leave you feeling helpless. It actually is easy enough to do alone. To start off secure your car on a flat surface, even if it means driving on a flat tire to get to one. Pry off the wheel cover with the point of a screwdriver as if you were prying a lid off a can of paint. Loosen the nuts by turning it counterclockwise and leave them loose enough to remove using your hands after you jack up the vehicle. Jack up your car using nice and even strokes. Place the spare on the car. Line up the lug nut posts to the holes in the tire and push it all the way in. Replace the lug nuts and give them each a good jolt with the wrench to secure them in place. Lower the vehicle; wait until the car is fully grounded before you really tighten the nuts. Replace the wheel cover! Check your owner’s manual if your wheel covers have a delicate finish.

Driving in smoke and fog: When visibility is low, drive slow

Speeding up in fog sounds like the worst thing you can do but it often happens as fog naturally creates an optical illusion that you are driving very slow, giving you a good chance of speeding up without you even realizing. Also remember to drive with your light on low beam to make yourself be seen by others and avoid beams reflecting back off the fog, lowering visibility even more. To ensure you stay in line, follow the painted road marks and make sure you are not fixating. Avoid stopping on freeways or heavily crowded roads to avoid being the cause of a chain-reaction collision. In case of emergencies, use your hazard flashers only to pull over and to show the exact position of your car to other drivers.

Overheating: Cool that engine down

We all know that engines gets hot after they have been running for too long. If your engine is overheating, always turn off your car and let it sit for a while before checking the temperature gauge. Then pour coolant into the radiator before restarting your engine. Remember to stay off the road when you see signs of your engine overheating.

Be Safe: Make Your Own Auto Emergency Kit

Anything can happen at any time when you are on the road. It is always better to be fully prepared and equipped with the right tools. Some vital items that needs to be in every car at all times include: neon hazard signs, coolant, jumper cables, tire wrench, engine oil, and a spare tire. Keep what could be your live-saving tools carefully stored so that you are well prepped for any type of emergencies you might encounter on the road.

If you are still looking for your perfect ride, download the Carmudi app on Android or App Store to find your car on the go.

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