Pirelli’s track days continue to offer action to thrill-seekers

Track Days’ excitement continues with Pirelli, the leading tyre manufacturer synonymous with motorsports across the region, in another exclusive event that took place on Saturday, 3rd October at the Dubai Autodrome in partnership with Aston Martin UAE.

Attendees from Pirelli’s partner club SuperCars Majlis were treated to a day filled with adrenaline and an opportunity to track their cars and witness Aston Martin Vantage on track.

Alberico Avogadro, General Manager at Pirelli Middle East said, “As part of our brand promise, we continue to bring adventure seekers thrilling events and experiences on the track. This track day brought together two of our longstanding partners. The return of these brands to participate in our track days is testament to the experience that is on offer and we will continue to lead the track and provide these exclusive opportunities for all to enjoy.”

The collaboration between Aston Martin and Pirelli started in 2007 when the first Pirelli P ZERO™ 20” tyres were specifically created for Aston Martin’s super GT, the DBS. Pirelli technicians, together with Aston Martin engineers, created special P ZERO™ tyres that could deal effortlessly with 0 to 100 km/h in less than four seconds. This close collaboration between Pirelli and Aston Martin was strengthened when 19” P ZERO™ and P ZERO™ Corsa tyres were mounted on the 12-cylinder Vantage, including its S and Roadster versions, in 2009. Over the years, their collaboration continued to bloom through several opportunities including an exclusive lap of the track by young Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen during which Aston Martin’s Dynamics Chief Engineer, Matt Becker, outlines the distinctive features of a camouflaged version of the Vantage.

The last two years saw the relationship between the two brands get reinforced with Pirelli P ZERO™ fitted on the Aston Martin Vantage and a specific version of the ZERO™ tyre fitted DBS Superleggera. The latest collaboration in this relationship was when Aston Martin chose Pirelli as a development partner for its first SUV, the DBX. The DBX will feature 3 different 22” Pirelli tyres.

Ramzi Atat, Head of Marketing for the MENA region added, “Our collaboration with Pirelli continues to evolve as the Italian brand is currently the tyre option for most of our core models. We are pleased today to be providing our joint customers with the exhilarating chance to experience their cars at the racetrack.”
In line with the current health and safety guidelines, Pirelli ensured the safety of all guests and drivers by maintaining social distance, making sure masks were worn at all times.

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