GAC MOTOR Celebrates the Launch of All New GS4 and GA6 on Burj Khalifa

GAC MOTOR is excited to announce the imminent release of the All New GS4 and All New GA6 in the Middle East. On October 20, GAC MOTOR staged a magnificent light show at Dubai’s Burj Khalifa to celebrate the launch of two new models. As the first ever Chinese domestic automobile brand to be featured on the world’s tallest building, GAC MOTOR illustrated the new heights that have been reached by Chinese car-manufacturing and presented the brand’s spirit of Chinese craftsmanship to the world. The light show attracted crowds of fascinated onlookers and received wide press coverage across the internet.

These two models, star performers in the domestic market, are newly upgraded with powerful technologies, improved design features, and higher quality materials. On December 15 in the UAE, these powerful vehicles will officially be available for order.

The All New GS4 | Whats New?

The 1st generation of the GS4 was a great success for GAC MOTOR, selling over a million models and winning multiple awards.

With extensive design and technology adjustments, the comprehensively upgraded All New GS4 is a whole new ball game. The redesigned exterior features a sculpted light & shadow design concept, developed in-house at GAC R&D centers across the globe, as well as a ‘floating’ roof design. These make the car sportier without compromising on comfort.

Additionally, materials of the interiors have been upgraded for supreme comfort, with higher quality seating materials, a huge 1570mm of cabin space and new dual-screen dashboard display. Under the hood is a substantial 270T engine, as well as BOSCH E-turbo technology and All-Round Silent Design (ASD) which deliver a smooth yet powerful and highly responsive driving experience.

Further advanced safety features including intelligent driving assist systems, top of the range airbags and a high-strength steel safety car body also make the All New GS4 a solid choice as a family car.

The All New GA6 | What’s New?

The upgraded All New GA6 sedan also features a sleek new design, with a sweeping single shoulder line which traverses the entire length of the car. Continuous LED rear lights and a unified front display also breathe new life into its appearance. As for the interior car features, passengers will also find it has a lot of legroom and plenty of storage space, with many clever compartments and a trunk volume of up to 500L.

More excitedly, the All New GA6 introduces users to the future of driving with GAC MOTOR’s L2 Autopilot System. It optimizes driving by suggesting lane changes and making adjustments according to traffic. Drivers can now navigate complex road conditions with safety and ease through L2 Autopilot’s lane departure warning system and automated parking feature. GAC MOTOR’s All New GA6 equipped with an L2 Autopilot system will be available in the Middle East market shortly.

Moving Forward in the Middle East

Launching these two new models is an important part of the successful ongoing development of GAC MOTOR into a strong international brand.

This year, GAC MOTOR has released a new brand slogan “GO AND CHANGE”, which proposes “change through action” and carries “the spirit of Chinese craftsmanship”.  The company will continue to pursue excellence in quality and innovation to further enhance GAC MOTOR’s reputation and prestige.

GAC MOTOR is confident that the release of the high-performance All New GS4 and All New GA6 will support strong brand growth in this key overseas market, helping to create a better mobile life for customers around the world.

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