Ultrafabrics X Tata Passenger Electric Mobility

Ultrafabrics adds a sensorial touch to the AVINYA Concept

Ultrafabrics is delighted to unveil its brand-new partnership with Tata Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEM), the electric vehicle (EV) subsidiary of global automobile manufacturing company, Tata Motors. The latest collections ­from the animal-free, high-performance fabric specialist have been selected for the contemporary interior of TPEM’s new EV, the AVINYA Concept.

Inspired by the colours, crafts and beauty of Tata Motors’ Indian heritage, the end result is a warm and inviting interior. It features Ultrafabrics’ Fusion Shimmer(Copperhead) and Volar Bio (Silverstone), offering the feeling of space and tranquillity.

Nicole MeierDirector of BrandingUltrafabrics, comments, ‘We’re delighted to be working with TPEM and being part of this amazing project. EV is the future of mobility and we couldn’t be prouder of what we achieved here with TPEM.’

She adds, ‘The AVINYA Concept is the epitome of modern luxury; a piece of high-tech design that feels premium while connecting with our senses beautifully.’

According to TPEM, Ultrafabrics was a natural choice – thanks to its overarching materials innovation and inclusion of renewable, bio ingredients specifically in Volar Bio. The combination of Fusion Shimmer and Volar Bio also provides a truly sensorial experience, heightened by its superb haptic qualities. 

‘The overall aesthetic of the AVINYA Concept has been designed with “Global India” and “Indian Locality” in mind – combining warm terracotta with light grey,’ says Kyeong ShimHead of Colour Material FinishTata Motors.

‘Using tactile materials, coupled with incense, has also created an environment that stimulates our senses in a subtle and comforting way,’ she adds. ‘For us, Ultrafabrics is the perfect partner – not only because of its ongoing mission to drive a more sustainable future but also because of its product innovation through the use of renewable sources and responsible manufacturing.’

Based on TPEM’s GEN 3 architecture, the AVINYA Concept is a giant stride towards the next generation of electric vehicles. While it introduces a new typology of mobility that liberates roominess and comfort, it also comes packed with new-age technology, software and artificial intelligence to deliver wellness and tranquillity during transit. 

The AVINYA Concept focuses on a human-centric design and promises a sensory journey of its own; from the sky dome that enhances the overall sense of space and natural light, to the sustainable materials being used and the finishing touch of an aroma diffuser.

Accessible to customers of fast-growing, high-volume segments of today, the AVINYA concept will be introduced to the market by 2025.

For more information about Ultrafabrics and its latest products, visitultrafabricsinc.com.

Check out ev.tatamotors.com/Avinya for further details on the AVINYA Concept.

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