Say Yes to Adventure this Summer with a trip to Iceland

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A trip to the land of glaciers and hot springs is necessary for those seeking to beat the summer blues

Arctic Trucks, the region’s leader in 4WD conversions, is coming back this summer with a trip to Iceland. The trip is scheduled to take place on the 1st of July 2017, perfect for all adventurous souls.

Answering the calls of all off-road enthusiasts, Arctic Trucks has scheduled this trip for anyone craving an exciting trip to the outbacks of Iceland. The expedition will have professional trainers from Arctic Trucks, providing assistance through out the trip.

The summer trip will start from Reykjavík and include a visit to Reynisfjara black sands, which is the backdrop to the famous Hindi song- Gerua. The trip will involve some of the magnificent sights and landmark places of Iceland such as Skógafoss, the largest waterfall in Iceland. Travellers will also get a chance to experience walking behind the great Seljalandsfos waterfalls and get a sense of living next to a volcano by visiting the Volcano museum -Þorvaldseyri. They will also get a chance to see Eyjafjallajökull, a volcano caldera covered with ice cap.

Motorheads will get their dose of adrenaline from Minniborgir where Arctic Trucks ensures the best 4×4 experience by providing 38 inch super trucks with tips and tricks to tackle adverse conditions. With the perfect vehicle in hand, the team will head out to Golden Circle, where they get to see Geysir, the hot-spring that spouts water many meters up in the air! For those who love taking on a challenge, there is an option to go snowmobiling on Langjökull Glacier. The expedition will culminate to an amazing thrill of scaling the mountain gem Kerlingarfjöll, which is a mountain cluster, rising 500 – 700 meters above the surrounding central highlands plain. The adventure ensures not just adrenaline rush but also a sense of peace and tranquility brought on by the scenic landscapes.

Trip: The Arctic Trucks Experience

Where: Iceland

Date: 1st -5th July 2017

Price: 418.710 Isk per person

(approx 14,000AED per person)

To make a booking/enquires:

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