Al-Futtaim Lexus Announces Five-Time Middle East Drift Champion Ahmad Daham as Brand Ambassador for Lexus F Brand

  • LEXUS also unveils UAE’s most powerful RC F with 844hp
  • Vehicle will be in action at global drift events and competitions including Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019

Following the highly successful launch of the Lexus F Club in the UAE, Al-Futtaim Lexus today announced it has signed up five-time Middle East Drift Champion and Guinness World Record holder, Ahmad Daham as the brand ambassador for the Lexus F brand.

As part of its association, the Al-Futtaim company also unveiled the world’s first Lexus RC F Pro Drift spec car which Ahmad will use for the upcoming season. The car is completely custom-built in the UAE and will be in action in July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK. This will be closely followed by competitions in Norway, the UAE and Oman. Fans can also get a glimpse of the car as it will be on display across Lexus showrooms in the UAE – so stay tuned!


The Lexus F marque represents the high-performance division of cars produced by Lexus. Started in 2008 with the Lexus IS F, followed by the legendary Lexus LFA The F marque refers to Flagship and Fuji Speedway, Lexus has been active in the Motorsport division in many categories including (Super GT, GT3, Super GT500, Endurance races), while drift scene was officially recognized by the FIA in 2017, Lexus was present in D1 competition in Japan only.

With this partnership, the F marque will get more attention and appeal more specially to the younger generation as drifting the most growing motorsport in terms of fans and is very popular in the Middle East.

Commenting on the partnership, Mohamed Maktari, Managing Director of Al-Futtaim Lexus, said, “Ahmad Daham is a well-known name not just in the Middle East but around the world and we are extremely pleased to have partnered with him. He has done a fantastic job building this incredible vehicle which now produces 844hp making it the UAE’s most powerful RC F and we are eager to see it compete at global events.”

Ahmad started his career as a local racing driver before quickly making his mark in the drifting scene both regionally and globally. He has been a dominant figure in the drifting scene taking part in competitions in 11 countries securing over 75 local and regional podiums. He also recently featured in Will Smith’s Bucket List where the Hollywood superstar travels across the world and ticks off everything he wants to do in life.

“I am honoured to be partnering with a brand like Lexus. I am really thankful for the support the team have provided me as I built the RC F for the upcoming season. This car is so much fun to drive and I cannot wait to push it to its limit. I look forward to another successful season and am confident with this partnership we will be able to achieve all our objectives,” said Ahmad.

“Building a car like this would normally take about 5-6 months but with the support of local garages, the car was fully custom built in the UAE in just 70 days. I would like to thank them for their support in bringing this project to life in record time,” he added.

Ahmad’s RC F Drift Spec:

    • Engine                                                : Lexus 3UR-FE fully built engine
    • Power                                     : 844 HP / 858 Nm @6400 RPM
    • Fuel System                                      : Radium fuel system + Fragola PTFE fuel lines
    • Engine Head                                     : RSG CNC port and polished heads
    • Engine Forced Induction                : Harrop TVS2650 supercharger
    • Manifold                                           : PPE custom made manifold and exhaust System
    • Injectors                                            : 1700cc injector dynamics
    • Transmission                                   : Samsonas 4 speed sequential gearbox
    • Clutch                                                 : Competition clutch MPC twin plate
    • Angle Kit                                            : Figs engineering front and rear kit
    • Suspension System                         : BC racing DR 2-way coil-overs
    • Brake System                                    : 6 pistons Brembo OEM front brake callipers 4 pistons Brembo OEM rear brake callipers
    • Body                                                   : Pandem Rocket bunny wide body kit
    • Wheels and Tires                            : Rays transcend 19×9.5” front Toyo R888R 265/30/19, 19×10.5” rear Toyo R888R 285/35/19
    • Mirrors                                               : APR GT3 racing mirrors
    • Electronics                                        : Link Thunder ECU running dual Wideband and dual EGT
    • Dashboard                                        : AIM Link MXS Dash

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