ekar has added 500,000 cars to its fleet!

ekar, the Middle East’s first and largest personal mobility company, has integrated with CarPro, a state-of-the-art car rental fleet management platform, enabling car rental and leasing companies with over 500,000 rental cars to digitally rent cars via the ekar platform.

CarPro will integrate ekar’s Mobility OS natively within its fleet management software, allowing car rental companies to instantly enable vehicles onto the ekar app and benefit from a fully contactless rental process, increased fleet utilization, driver behavior analytics, and real-time vehicle tracking.

Consumers can enjoy new combustible and electric vehicles from economy to premium options. Increasing fleet size also means that an available car is more likely to be around the corner to rent and unlock via carsharing or door-delivered via subscription.

“The car rental industry is going through a transformational phase as a result of the pandemic as tourist and business travel continues to suffer. Car rental companies are now embracing more innovative mobility options, recognizing that traditional rental processes are costly, inefficient, and sub-optimal in a digital world that values contact-free solutions,” said Vilhelm Hedberg, Founder of ekar. 

“ekar’s integration with CarPro enables car rental tenants to add their rental cars onto the ekar carshare or subscription platform at the click of a button. On average, this produces double the revenue compared to traditional hires. This flexibility optimizes utilization for our partners, opens up renting to otherwise unknown commuter and youth markets, and provides the flexibility to charge lower rates without losing brand pricing identity. The general public benefits from thousands of more cars available for micro or long-term digital rentals,” added Hedberg. 

Kieron Chalder, CEO of CarPro Systems, commented, “Our partnership with ekar marks the latest enhancement to the CarPro product suite, as we continue to support rental businesses to optimize their vehicle utilization and adapt to evolving customer demands. The current market conditions have accelerated fleet digitalization, and we are pleased to act as a technology enabler for our partners, giving them the tools they need to remain competitive in a market that increasingly demands flexibility.”

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