Masters of Luxury- First Bentayga to join Bentley’s famous Heritage Collection

Bentley Bentayga -1 copy.jpg

In constant pursuit of the exquisite, the powerful and the exclusive, Bentley Motors first production of the extraordinary Bentley Bentayga is now a reality. As the catalyst for one of the biggest investment programmes in the company’s history, Bentley’s SUV takes the class to a new level.

Discerning Middle East clients will be delighted to note the vast range of options and opportunities they can personalisein Bentayga while enjoying ground-breaking technology that opens up new experiences in a SUV.

With innovation at its heart, the Bentayga displays unprecedented power, speed and efficiency, setting new standards in the SUV sector. The first production Bentayga, finished in paint colour, Anthracite, was handcrafted across 130 hours.

During the assembly process, the car passed through a new bodystore, a new paint shop and a new assembly line, all part of this substantial investment.

According to Robin Peel, Head of Marketing for MEAI & Asia Pacific, Bentley ‎Motors, the Bentley Bentayga will be the benchmark against which all other SUVs are measured, defining a new segment – the luxury SUV. Robin also mentions that the Bentayga combines unparalleled luxury with effortless ‎performance and everyday ‎usability.‎

Visually, Bentayga is every inch a Bentley. From the distinctive matrix grille and four familiar round headlights to the luxurious materials and attention to detail in the handcrafted cabin interior. Innovative production techniques add to a look that is at once familiar yet sets it apart from other SUVs.

The subtle reinterpretation of the marque’s signature design traits is evident, from the super-formed, ultra sharp powerline to the handcrafted interior. It is the perfect balance between sporting prowess and everything else one would want in a SUV.

Bentley’s Innovative technology completes the experience, connecting the driver and passengers with Bentley’s most advanced, intuitive infotainment and driver assistance technologies. Bentayga clearly leads the way in technological advances at Bentley.

Keeping design in mind, technology in Bentayga has been seamlessly integrated into the vehicle to offer intelligent functionality. The subtle application of this extraordinary technology means you hardly notice it until you need it and the functionality makes every journey more comfortable and satisfying, whether you’re in the driving seat or relaxing as a passenger.

The designers’ vision was to extend the Bentley design values of exquisite materials, exclusivity and individuality, and transport authentic luxury to new landscapes.

The all-new W12 engine is breathtakingly powerful with a top speed of 187 mph (301 km/h). But performance is not just about unadulterated speed. Bentayga can tow up to 3,500kg with consummate ease and takes all kinds of off-road conditions in its stride.

Bentayga is clearly the fastest, most ‎powerful, most ‎luxurious and most exclusive SUV in the world.

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