All Terrain Capability – Nissan Patrol

By Shereen Shabnam

Nissan Patrol has an unparalleled heritage with a reputation linked with power, reliability and strength. Building on history that goes back to 1951 when the first Patrol rolled off the production line, the original 60-series Patrol was initially used as a military vehicle with its all-terrain capability.

The last 65 years has seen the evolution of the Patrol to one of the most iconic off-road vehicles offering performance, luxury and off-road capabilities. Equipped with the latest technologies under Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the new line-up comes with driving, parking and safety features.

The Nissan Patrol heritage continues to be embedded across the Middle Eastern market, with a full line-up ready to cater to a wide-array of drivers. For instance, the Nissan Patrol V8 accommodates those who want performance in an ultra-luxurious interior and a sophisticated exterior.

With a compelling driving experience on and off the road through a 400 HP engine, the Nissan Patrol V8 pushes the boundaries of the Middle Eastern urbanist and adventurer. Complemented with a deluxe interior of tan leather, wooden panel and chrome trims to convey a premium comfort, the Nissan Patrol V8 combines elegance and practicality.

There is also the region-specific, fuel-efficient, Nissan Patrol V6, designed and built for the demands of the region, pushes 275 HP and retains high levels of power and prestige of the Patrol.

With a lower ownership cost and a higher driving range, the Nissan Patrol V6 makes is ideal as an everyday family car, packaged with the capabilities of excitement and thrill as the ultimate adventure companion. Like the V8, the Patrol V6 offers incredible power and exceptional passenger and baggage space – delivering industry-leading value.

For those looking for a more bespoke and motorsports-inspired driving experience, the Nissan Patrol NISMO is their rejoice. Hand-tuned by Nissan Takumis, the Nissan Patrol NISMO offers customers a ferocious engine boosting 428 HP, fitted in a head-turning exterior encouraged by the NISMO DNA.

The interior complements the persona, with a sportier design for the leather upholstery, white and black leather seats and door panels and NISMO inspired dashboard with red stitching and tachometer.

Finally, the Nissan Patrol Super Safari, is accurately contrasted through a two-tone gold and grey color. The 280 HP SUV champion imprinted its identity within the Middle Eastern culture with a reliable and powerful engine and an iconic exterior sculpture. Its characteristics truly cater to the nostalgic Middle Eastern fans of the Patrol whilst offering the latest specifications and capabilities for the city and beyond.

Irrespective of preferences, the portfolio of Nissan Patrols offers a variety of options for consumers with an insatiable craving for desert adventures, or a reliable spacious vehicle for most memorable moments.


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