This award category was introduced last year by Women’s World Car of the Year. The initial award was won by popular vote by Fiona Pargeter of Jaguar Land Rover who was presented with her trophy at the London Motor Show in June 2019. 

Voting is now under way for the 2019 winner. Jury members were asked to nominate a woman involved in the motor industry or in motor sport whom they believe has contributed significantly to one of those automotive segments. 

Twenty nominations were received, and three clear finalists have emerged: 

  • Jessi Combs: USA. (Deceased) Broadcaster. Racer. Metal Fabricator. 
  • Linda Jackson: UK. CEO, Citroën 
  • Mary Barra. USA. Chair & CEO General Motors Company 

Jury members are currently voting for their choice for the Woman of Worth Award. The result will be announced at the Dubai International Motor Show on 16th November 2019. 

Other results to be announced in Dubai will be all category winners in Women’s World Car of the Year for 2019 and, of course, the Supreme Winner. 

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